this ceiling-mounted unit is ideal for open-plan spaces, foyers and can cover an area of up to 36 square meters.

Luminaire with patented technology, that ensures a powerful narrow beam and safety

  • Ceiling Mounted size 560x550x300cm
  • Fitted with Philips 6 X PL-S – 9W TUV lamps
  • Coverage 36m / 360º
  • Weight 23 KG
  • Manufacturing Plants – Restaurant’s – Hospitals



Model UV-C radiant Flux(UV-C W ) Radiant Efficacy

Peak UV-C Irradiance

1.0 M 2.0 M
TLR 30 1.36 0.0025W/VA
39.80 11.24


Coverage 36m² / 360º
Electrical 220/230V AC Supply
Size 560 x 550 x 300
Weight 23 Kgs
Lamp Type & Watt Rating 6 x Philips PL-S TUV 9W
Lamp Life/Replacement Hours 15000 Hours
Durability of Fitting Lifespan 7 to 10 years
Manufacturing ISO 9001 Approval
UV-C 254nm Emission Delivers the straightest, most
powerful UV beam with a higher kill rate
Upper Air UV-C Fluence 1.2M  20m² 5.0M  10m²
Lower Safe Working Zone 0.2-0.4m²

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

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Industry Leading Technology

All TECHNILAMP* Luminaires use Philips TUV PLS 5 UV-C lamps

  • Security of disinfection over the useful Lifetime of the Lamp
  • The lowest amount of Mercury, environmentally friendly
  • Short -wave UV radiation with a peak fo 253.7nm (UV-C)
  • The protective coating ensures UV output
  • 4-Pin PL-S lamps designed for use on electronics drivers
  • Warning signs on the lamp indicates that the lamps radiate UV-C


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